What’s our mission?

In the modern age, either religion was ideologized or ideology was used as a substitute for religion. Humanity still suffers from the resulting divisions.

In contrast, what would a de-ideologized, transformative spirituality look like that is not satisfied with personal spiritual fulfillment, but strives for liberation on a cosmopolitan scale on the path of nonviolence?

In the texts on my website, I critically analyze concepts, which play a crucial role in discourses about nonviolence.

Here you can find an introduction and summary of the topics: >UNIMAGINED POSSIBILITIES.

In order to make visible the many ways in which nonviolence can be lived, a heterogeneous, open archive of videos and texts is to be created.

List of the topics

At the end of each text you can find a link to an extensive >BIBLIOGRAPHY list.

How to participate at the Cosmo-Politics-of-Ahimsa Network

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You can practice Ahimsa in any situation. Here are some ideas, how to implement it in your daily life: >THRIVE WITH AHIMSA.

You can dive deeper by reading the texts, which explore the >TOPICS or just watch the >VIDEO-INTERVIEWS.

You are welcome to tell me about your experiences with the nonviolent attitude or about projects that put it into practice >CONTACT. Maybe a video interview will emerge from it.

You can also comment on any text at the end of each text page. Please stick to the topic. Since this is a website about Ahimsa and nonviolence, any hate speech will not be tolerated and deleted.

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